A New Family Created by God

The Family in God’s Image
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Deuteronomy 6 is fundamental to family life in the nation of Israel. Moses is not just making this directive up as some form of social engineering experiment, no! We read that the Lord had commanded him to teach them. David Cooper suggested that it is time to do away with the family completely.

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She also suggests that a more socialist approach to parenting should be the new norm, including state-sponsored day-care centers and full-day preschools for children as young as three. Contrary to the worlds current view of the family the Bible clearly teaches that God is the one who came up with this institution.

After creating man in His image as male and female God instructed them to go forth and multiply.

The Family in Premortal Life

From the beginning, when God created man, He said, “ It is not good for the world is shoving its evolutionary, humanistic, atheistic, or New. When God created humans, he designed us to live in families. The Bible reveals that family relationships are important to God. The church, the.

Now, note there is no cultural expectation in Genesis only the purposes of God being unfolded in His Creation. God wanted man to be blessed and part of that blessing was the procreation of children for the purpose of possessing and ruling over His creation. Genesis further defines the family as a unit with a mother and father.

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Every family unit is established by the union of a husband and wife. Everything created by God exists for His glory.

Therefore since God is the Creator of the family the family exists for His glory! The family that glorifies God is built on a covenant relationship: As Moses comes to the end of his life he calls the Nation to remember who they are and upon what they are established. The whole basis of the existence of the nation of Israel was built on a covenant that God made with Abraham.

The Family through the Creation, Fall, and Atonement

Christian Families are Christ centered family we are under the covenant of Christ which He secured through His death and resurrection — Therefore, Jesus Christ is the one we all mutually submit to in our distinctive roles. He is the One whom we are to serve and glorify.

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The greatest way any Christian family can glorify God is through the expression of oneness. The more a family is unified and functioning as a single entity under the headship of Jesus Christ the greater the glory that goes to God because God is ONE. The Lord is ONE… This statement was unique in that Israel was to be a nation who worshiped one God not many like the nations around them. The worship of the one true God provides the basis for oneness and unity not individualism in the family. The command to HEAR this truth is not just to hear the words but to hear it in such a way that it impacts the way you live.

Moses is saying that you must first have personal relationship with God. The difference between a Christian home and the home next door where there has been no professions of faith in Jesus Christ is huge:. Christian families admit their sins.

The Christian knows that there is no purpose in covering up sin because God knows our sins even before we commit them and has already provided one who has made payment for that sin the Lord Jesus Rom There is therefore an ability to be open and honest about sin not for the purpose of being cavalier about it but for the purpose of growth through it. The Bible teaches us that by the grace of God alone we can be forgiven and set free from the control and subservience to sin.

Christian families are growing out of sins as they are being sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Where there is spiritual life there is spiritual growth. Families need foundations, too. Every pizza has sauce which has simmered over time. Students will learn about Ruth how she came to faith through marriage and Jesus how he was brought up in the faith from infancy on and realize that even though our faith journeys may differ, our faith in Christ is the same. The toppings on a pizza make each pizza unique.

The New Family of God

Like the toppings, the individual members of a family bring unique gifts and talents that strengthen and make their family special. Students will read about Moses and Aaron, two brothers with very different gifts, and Timothy, a young man with the gift of faith. Students will be challenged to name their own gifts and the special gifts in each member of their family. The cheese on a pizza covers everything and holds it together. Families need to be held together, too. Students will study Jesus lost in the temple and the parable of the prodigal son and discuss WHY we need rules.

They will then be required to memorize the Ten Commandments. Families can be like pizza: by relying on God, families can come through the heat of tough times and be even stronger.

The Family is of God