Aromatherapy for Smoking Cessation

What is Smoking Cessation: Overview, Benefits, and Expected Results
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It has the size and shape of a cigarette. It looks a lot like an e-cigarette actually, with an end that lights up. However it has no tobacco, nicotine or added chemicals. Only the essential oils. If you use it just to get you through those rough cravings that hit you out of the blue, times a day, it should be a big help and last long enough to get you through a few weeks, saving you a fairly decent amount of money when compared to the cost of cigarettes. As far as the Zen blend goes, not much causes more anxiety related symptoms then trying to give up cigarettes so anything that can naturally help calm your mind during the process is a good thing.

In addition, the fact that the MONQ pens are organic, free of chemicals, and nicotine free makes them a choice definitely worth considering when it comes to alternatives to cigarettes. Their website also gives detailed information about the specific oils that are in each MONQ blend and has a lot of reviews from verified buyers.

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I want to not have to take meds anymoreso I want to see if this will help me and my anxiety and stress. Hi Kourtney, I will be opening up the next giveaway on August 15th and will list the details here. Winner will be announced on the 22nd. Like this: Like Loading I'd love to hear from you Cancel reply. Use with a portable inhaler or diffuse into your living space with a candle or electric diffuser. To help with anxiety and irritability, diffuse lavender or chamomile in an electric or candle diffuser.

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You can also use either of these oils in massage oil on the back of your neck or your chest to reduce these symptoms further. The combination of peppermint and lavender will help with headache and appetite control. Diffuse in the same way or use a portable inhaler. Another easy, and pleasant, treatment is to combine a few drops of Ylang Ylang in a tablespoon of massage oil and rub into your feet before bed.

Essential Oils to Help You Quit Smoking

Ylang Ylang will treat anxiety and help with cravings. It can also be inhaled alone to ease daytime cravings, as well. While it is very helpful, aromatherapy is only one tool. There are many resources at your disposal in planning and kicking the habit. Here are a few helpful websites:. Shop Essential Oils. Great blog here! Also your web site loads up very fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol. Great information.

Lucky me I recently found your blog by accident stumbleupon. Does this actually help? I mean, of course you have to be ready and willing but when you are at that point, does it help aide in quitting smoking?

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It is used to relax nervous tension and gives a calming effect. This flavorful and relaxing herbal smoking mixture is blended with care and contains no synthetic ingredients or tobacco. It helps ease the mind and helps in full body relaxation. Join Our Day Ab Challenge! Studies have shown that Black pepper Essential Oil can help reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

I have to do 10 case studies to pass for my level 1 aromatherapy certification and one of my volunteers is trying to quit smoking. She has a prescription for Chantix but she is afraid of all the terrible side effects from it. I appreciate your feedback! Did anyone ever reply to your question? Did you try it on your friend?

6 Essential Oils To Help You Quit Smoking | Healing Solutions

If so, did it work? You only crave a cigarette for 5 seconds, if you can keep yourself and your mind occupied for that 5 seconds, those 5 seconds get further and further apart until the nicotine is out of your system. Each toothpick delivers therapeutic grade Melaleuca alternifolia oil between teeth and at the gum line and helps leave your breath fresh and clean. Tea Tree Tootpicks are made from renewable fast-growing birchwood trees.

Alternative Health: Acupressure Methods : Acupressure for Smoking

Every toothpick is filled with natural plant extracts that include peppermint spearmint cinnamon fennel and menthol. It can help fill the cigarette gap. It is described by the authors as "innovative, up-to-date and intelligent" and that it will help you to be smokefree forever. Aromatherapy soothes and calms nerves, makes it easier to keep away from smoking. Earth Solutions Enterprises Smoke Less Scent Inhaler The essential oils used in this scent inhaler were chosen specifically for their benefits as they relate to quitting smoking.

Essential oils in the Smoke Less Scent Inhaler include: Lemon essential oils; Eucalyptus essential oils; Cinnamon essential oils; Marjoram essential oils. Site Search : search tips sitemap. Selimaj is a general practicioner in a state hospital, with a work background in pneumology.

When I quit smoking, "my teeth began to once again gleam," "I had a surplus of insatiable energy", with more "energy, attention span and health to channel into my creative work" recalls Zara Barrie, health and wellness writer for Elite Daily on the benefits from quitting smoking. Left: healthy lung Right: non-cancerous smoker's lung Comparing a healthy lung with the lung of a smoker provides incentive to never start smoking, and to make earnest efforts to quit smoking.

She had become a compulsive chain smoker, whose life revolved around smoking. She also claims that her love life took a sharp turn for the better, as well, after quitting smoking.

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Not everyone's experience with quitting smoking is so dramatic, but that you will accrue benefits from quitting is more of a fact than an opinion. Consider 10 benefits of quitting smoking in this article, as well as 14 ideas to help you to quit smoking for good! The average smoker dies approximately 10 years earlier than a non-smoker.

Smoking affects numerous parts of the human body, the predominant areas of the body affected are the lungs and the cardiovascular system. Diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and chronic pulmonary diseases are caused and abetted by smoking. Smoking is the number one cause of pulmonary cancer. It also may have an affect on the mind and an influence on mental health.

To quit smoking, then, positively affects both the body and mind, as well as contributing to overall wellness.

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You have to have confidence that you can beat the cravings for nicotine by engaging in other activities and by modifying behaviors. Anyone can quit smoking--you may not succeed the first attempt, but you may in future efforts with renewed motivation. Keep trying, and don't give up! Longer Life. Quitting smoking results in a longer life with a lower risk of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD , emphysema, and cardiovascular problems. Each cigarette smoked results in an estimated eleven-minute reduction in lifespan Shaw, M.

Eliminate Cough, Sore Throat. The persistent cough, sore throat, and secretions will be reduced and in the most of cases totally eliminated. Also, shortness of breath decreases when you quit. Blood Circulation. Improvement of blood circulation resulting in a lowering of blood pressure results from quitting smoking.

Smoking causes stiffening of arteries, causing an increase in blood pressure.

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Have you heard of aromatherapy? Did you know that some people use essential oils to help them quit smoking? Find out more here. Explore this compassionate, detailed guide to essential oils and aromatherapy techniques that can naturally assist with your efforts to quit smoking.

In about 15 years after you quit smoking your risk for cardiovascular diseases will have decreased to that of a non-smoker. Get Into Shape. The ability to exercise and "get back into shape" is enhanced by quitting smoking. Everyday activities no longer leave you out of breath such as climbing stairs or light housework.

Cleaner Body - Better breath and personal smell result from quitting smoking. Many non-smokers are repulsed by the smell of lingering cigarette smoke on the person of a smoker. Kissable breath and clothes that don't smell like stale cigarette smoke are benefits of giving up the smoking habit. Cleaner teeth and fingers are additional benefits of quitting--yellow teeth and stained fingers and fingernails get back to normal over time when you quit smoking. Taste Food Better. Quit smoking so as to be able to really taste good food.

Social Acceptance. The American Cancer Society states, "Smoking is less socially acceptable now than ever. This can cost you in terms of friends, money, and convenience. Personal Economy.