Her Male Slave: A Tale Of Willing Bondage [Revised]

Enslaved Couples Faced Wrenching Separations, or Even Choosing Family Over Freedom
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Three years ago Tony Blair described Britain's participation as a "crime against humanity" and expressed his "deep sorrow". The US Senate voted for an apology this year. Shehu Sani, head of the congress, said it was calling for traditional rulers to apologise now because they were seeking inclusion in a forthcoming constitutional amendment in Nigeria. He said that on behalf of the buyers of slaves, the ancestors of the traditional rulers "raided communities and kidnapped people, shipping them away across the Sahara or across the Atlantic".

Many slaves captured inland in Africa died on the long journey to the coast. The position was endorsed by Henry Bonsu, a British-born broadcaster of Ghanaian descent who examined the issue in Ghana for a radio documentary. He said some chiefs had accepted responsibility and sought atonement by visiting Liverpool and the United States. The non-government organisation Africa Human Right Heritage, based in Accra, Ghana, supports the campaign for an apology.

Baffour Anning, its chief executive, said: "I certainly agree with the Nigeria Civil Rights Congress that the traditional leaders should render an apology for their role in the inhuman slavery administration. But the issue was not a high priority for most African citizens, according to Bonsu. People aren't milling around Lagos or Accra moaning about why chiefs don't apologise. They are more concerned about the everyday and why they still have bad governance. Fred Swaniker, the founder of the African Leadership Academy, said: "I'm not sure whether an apology is needed, but it would be worth looking at and acknowledging the role Africa did play in the slave trade.

Someone had to find the slaves and bring them before the Europeans. So now we have Mistress Vivian, a former slave girl of a black sun viggo. Vivian cocked a head to Leia. Leia's mind swam in a sea of different thoughts.

So some girls appreciated the Hutt more than others. Was it a form of brainwash?

Married Slaves Faced Wrenching Separations, or Even Choosing Family Over Freedom - HISTORY

Or was an interest in Jabba liking being accustomed to a fine wine, only allowing you the full experience the more you partook of it. Vivian laughed, a decidedly harsh sound compared to the rest of her lovely disposition.

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I have yet to meet a healthy human woman who would find a Hutt, especially one as obese and revolting as our master, physically desirable We do not enjoy Jabba's affections, but we do tolerate his presence, which is easier than you might think. Despite our beauty and lovelieness, we are all from broken ways of life. Some of us were slaves to debts to less savory characters. Some of us were forced into slavery by former masters only to be granted solace with Lord Jabba.

All of us," She motioned to the various girls. It is freedom to indulge in base pleasures, to have no responsibility, save pleasing the Bloated One. We were nobodies outside of the palace walls, pretty girls meant to be used and then discarded.

But here, in His Excellency's palace, we are goddesses of lustful passion. Men want us, but cannot have us unless we wish it. Women want to be us, to be gawked and gazed at and desired. And our Master, because of his former status as a lech, desires of the pleasures of woman like us, and we would not trade anything in the world for it.

Vivian finished her speech to the silence of the other slave girls, who all solemnly nodded at her declarations. Even the defiant Togrutan woman managed a light head jerk. Leia tried not to gag at what that might entail and yet could not help arguing that she could understand the appeal of being a slave girl in this sordid palace. How often had Leia wanted to be free from her status as a princess, to be wanted by all men without the cares of responsibility and propriety, to escape past wrongs by starting over You dance for him, you please him privately and probably serve him in other ways But I always thought Jabba was fond of chaining a favorite girl to his throne?

All of the girls, including Vivian, looked down sullenly, and Leia wondered if she'd crossed the line and said something that would get her into a slew of trouble. Nala tugged her arm. He knows that despite how much we appreciate our master, that there is still some level of disgust in having close proximity with him. We wish there wasn't, but its just too difficult for a human girl to spend their time with a Hutt for the entirety of the day. Master Jabba understands this and thus has not taken a favorite in almost 3 years.

All the girls nodded in agreement. Vivian spoke up, "Not even I, a slave girl of Lord Jabba's for most of my life, can spend extended periods with him. The Hutt Lord will not tone down his mannerisms. He indulges in being a Hutt and refuses to be accomodating to anyone else You must understand something though Miss. Vivian stepped closer and grasped Leia's hands. But I think that despite all of these things, The Great Jabba the Hutt still wishes for a return to his glory days.

He wants to be THE crime lord of the galaxy. He wants to cheat and murder and steal, but he won't. Because he wishes to avoid the wrath of your republic. He wants his enterprises to be left alone. He wants a girl he can dress as he pleases, a girl who will wear his collar and leash wantonly and spend every waking moment with him. Who will obey his every command and order and love him unconditionally. This is was Lord Jabba wants, but he will never get it from us.

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Leia's head wrestled with concepts she could not fathom. So Jabba was a victim almost in these cases. Vivian turned away from Leia and looked to the ground, hands upon her hips. All of us want Jabba to pick one of us as his favorite, but not as a slave, but an equal. We want to serve him as an equal, but he will not. Leia reached out to Vivian, offering comfort. Vivian laughed, quietly and turned to Leia with eyes of reassurance.

Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Lover of Jabba the Hutt

They are superior in their eyes to everyone else. Jabba does not want a lover. He wants the perfect slave girl. One who will worship him and treat him like the near god his species claims to be. He will not change this because it is at the cornerstone of Hutt philosophy. He is perfect and until one of us sees that, we will not have him, and he will not have us. This was all so wrong, Leia thought to herself as she prepared to head out from her suite to the main audience chamber. It was supposed to be a simple matter of gleaming that Jabba was still a monster and was still wronging people, but it turned out he was just what?

A victim. This bloated slug still ruled over a massive business empire, had more money than many esteemed politicians of the galaxy, and had almost no real authority to answer to. It did not make sense why he had just chosen to incubate in his palace and retire. But that was just it. He had. He was no longer a gangster and while his degenerative behavior as a Hutt was still repulsive and vile, there were clearly individuals who tolerated and even admired that behavior. The Hutt was a creature of habits and his heritage but he was not an evil creature, and Leia, one of the foremost leaders of the New Republic, had come to the conclusion that there were even some characteristics to this Hutt that she found It wasn't his voracious appetites nor was it his ability to ignore even the most rote forms of hygiene, but the lifestyle he offered the girls in his harem was something that the princess had been mulling over and had even come to covet.

She didn't think she'd ever be able to completely submit to a disgusting creature like Jabba the Hutt completely, but the thought of forgoing all her responsibilities, all her regal bearings, all her poise, in favor of a skimpy outfit, with the only duty being to please the perverse slug in whatever manners he imagined, and in return, being cared for and having access to various luxuries The thought of being a slave girl to Jabba's harem was not such a bad one.

A bit of a stretch, but defintely She cursed herself for thinking so dopishly. Regardless of her confused feelings at the moment, she was still a rebel and would forever be a rebel.

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This was a meeting of business purposes and nothing more. She was a strong and empowered women and she would not give into the temptation of giving all that up for a life of simple desires and pleasures. She through on her jump-suit, ignoring the lavishes of the black dress from before, and set off for the audience chamber.

The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain

A few more days and then she'd fill out this contract between the republic and the Hutt clans and then it'd be back to the life she knew. A life of predictability and respectable company Jabba's main audience chamber was particularly rowdy this afternoon, with many patrons, smugglers and other men of shady dealings about, but still no sign of the more murderous cutthroats Leia was sure would eventually drop by. The girls from Jabba's harem were about, the two twi'leks performing an exotic and nimble dance routine in the center of the room, to the joy of onlookers.

In various booths and around the bar area, the other girls flirted and mingled with the men and sometimes even women who had joined in the festivities.

Some of the acts the girls did were merely social, while others, like the Togrutan, were busy in heated make-out sessions with whatever attractive businessmen they could find. Leia scoffed as she watched the busty slave girl wrap long sinewous arms around a Chiss senator, her lips held in blissful reunion with his cold blue ones. She noticed Jabba's dais was missing from its usual spot and could scarcely believe that he would be missing out on such a revelry.

Leia sidled next to Nala, who was offering drinks to various dregs as they wantonly felt her up.