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Section 6: Land Descriptions
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And, where did the 12th month of the year get its name? RELATED WORDS outset , opening , introduction , inauguration , creation , onset , birth , inception , dawn , top , heart , origin , dawning , rudiment , infancy , spring , preface , kickoff , takeoff , threshold.

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Nearby words begin to see daylight , begin to see the light , begin with , beginner , beginner's luck , beginning , beginning of the end, the , beginning rhyme , beginning, in the , begird , begombed. Origin of beginning First recorded in —, beginning is from the Middle English word beginnung, -ing. See begin , -ing 1. Synonym study 3.

Begin, commence, initiate, start when followed by noun or gerund refer to setting into motion or progress something that continues for some time. Begin is the common term: to begin knitting a sweater. Commence is a more formal word, often suggesting a more prolonged or elaborate beginning: to commence proceedings in court.

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Initiate implies an active and often ingenious first act in a new field: to initiate a new procedure. Start means to make a first move or to set out on a course of action: to start paving a street.

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Examples from the Web for beginning I just recently rewatched all six Star Wars movies the other day… Oh wow, from the beginning? The Shadowy U.

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Point of Beginning, Inc. is a multi-faceted civil engineering, surveying and landscape architecture firm located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Let us help you with. Point of Beginning (POB) helps geospatial professionals by covering new technologies, applications, solutions and opportunities, business issues and the law.

No Clue James Hay. Timbermen and stonemasons traveled with the surveyors, Rittenhouse and Elliot. Permission must be obtained to visit these national treasures.

The Land Ordinance of also ordered that public land surveys were required before any land could be sold in the Northwest Territory. Thomas Hutchins was appointed the Geographer of the US and was to be assisted by thirteen surveyors, one per state.

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The instructions from Congress required the Geographer to run a line west from the Point of Beginning. Hutchins and his team of surveyors began their work on 30 Sep After four miles the Public Land Surveys were suspended, like Mason and Dixon, because Hutchins received word that he would be attacked by Indians.

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He lived his remaining days in Ohio. The historical monument marking the Point of Beginning was erected in a roadside park by the PA DOT exactly 1, feet from the original stake near the river shore.

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