The New Brain

A New Brain
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It becomes a Jewish or Hindu brain; a mystical or scientific brain. This is a brain that develops a tradition of its own, even if it appears unattached or indifferent to any known external tradition.

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A New Brain is a musical with music and lyrics by William Finn and book by Finn and James Lapine. Though many of Finn's previous musicals were to some. The New Brain: How the Modern Age Is Rewiring Your Mind Paperback – Bargain Price, October 6, Richard Restak (Author) Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping.

It is its tradition of thinking — the one-dimensional perspective according to which it examines and evaluates everything. Gradually, it begins to react to things according to what it already expects to find in them. It has a ready-made answer for any question, which it shoots out without hesitation.

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When it reaches a final consolidation, it shifts to only looking backwards. On the contrary: it negates the familiar activity, all accumulation and the very principle that intelligence is gradual accumulation. The conception of intelligence radically changes in such a brain. With all the countless books, theories, carefully developed concepts, and great thinkers of humanity, we still ask the same questions, since none of them could be fully and truly answered.

Who are we? Why are we? What is the meaning of life? What is true freedom? What is death? These questions must be met with an unconditioned and new brain, since they themselves possess a remarkable awakening quality that compels us to inquire, with full attentiveness, into the infinite mystery that encompasses our universe.

Such is the power of the great questions of life when presented to a listening brain — to ignite, every time anew, a life-changing movement towards the mystery. The listening brain is naturally self-authoritative, because it possesses a genuine freedom to question.

A New Brain

As opposed to the listening brain, the so-called individual brain we currently take pride in is not at all individual and independent: it is a brain that was shaped by society and by our relations with it. The possibility of an emergence of an unshaped brain capable of demonstrating a full wakefulness outside all familiar mental pathways is evolutionarily thrilling. It would bring the collapse of memory as the leading force of our mental activity and the coming apart of all safe and predictable pathways of thinking.

This kind of shift implies no less than a deep transmutation of the brain as we know it: a brand new pair of eyes gazing at everything without a past and so, perhaps for the first time, with the possibility of a real future. Such a brain could show how a mode of listening is a source of new creative activity — including a different perception of the problems of life and their solutions. The new brain. What would a brain saturated with this higher level functioning look like? Though many of Finn's previous musicals were to some extent autobiographical, A New Brain dealt directly with his own harrowing experience with an arteriovenous malformation and the healing power of art.

Finn wrote many of the songs soon after his release from the hospital. The musical premiered Off-Broadway in and has been revived in the U.

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A New Brain started as a "series of songs that Bill Finn wrote after he left the hospital", with a concert of those songs produced at The Public Theater. The musical was first produced Off-Broadway at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center , with previews beginning on May 14, , and closed on October 11, The musical was presented as part of the Encores! The production included multiple rewrites by Finn and Lapine and was directed by Lapine.

A new, updated cast recording has been recorded by the cast of the Encores! Off-Center production with the exception of Fogler, who was filming a movie in London at the time of the recording and was replaced by Christian Borle as Mr. Bungee and was released February 5, , by PS Classics. Unlike the original recording, this two-disc set contains the full show, including over 15 minutes of previously unrecorded music. Lisa, a homeless woman, asks the audience for some change. Songwriter Gordon Schwinn works at his piano to meet a deadline, irritated because he must write a song about spring for children's television host Mr.

What Neuralink is bringing to the table

A New Brain, which has been directed with wit and elegance by Graciela Daniele, has moments of captivating eccentricity. Elon Musk founded Neuralink in , aiming to address these challenges and raise the bar for implanted neural interfaces. New York, NY. Search all monologues from plays. User Ratings. Rhoda calls an ambulance " Emergency" and Gordon is taken to the hospital.

Gordon takes a break from writing The Spring Song to meet his best friend Rhoda at a restaurant, where the waitress, who is a fan of Mr. Bungee, informs Gordon and Rhoda of the specials at the restaurant, including "Calamari". During lunch, he clutches his head and falls face first into his meal. Rhoda calls an ambulance " Emergency" and Gordon is taken to the hospital.

A neurosurgeon, Dr. Gordon snaps at Mimi for underestimating his condition and not listening to the Doctor, to which a hallucination of Mr. Gordon daydreams about his boyfriend Roger, who is on his way to the hospital from a "Sailing" trip. The nurses, sadistic Nancy D.

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